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Our family has been in the timber flooring business for three generations  beginning in England in 1961. Ivan Kirton began working in the family business in 2004 and continued with great passion after winning the Employee of the Year Award from the Australian Timber Flooring Association.

 “I have a special passion for wood flooring” says Ivan, “I very much enjoy working with wood, and we love giving our clients that wonderful feeling of satisfaction that comes when we create a beautiful wood floor, just for them.” 

"This kind of wood flooring- Parquetry-  it’s a passion that comes from the heart. The floors are special and so are our clients, I like to say we create special floors for special people”, says Ivan

“Wood has a natural warmth and timeless character that no other material can match, that’s why a fine parquetry floor or fine furniture is so desirable and valuable and will never go out of fashion.”

"Parquetry flooring is an environmentally responsible choice, says Ivan.  This is due to its installation superiority and inherent stability of movement. If properly maintained, a well installed parquetry floor can last for centuries”

“We aim to exceed industry standards in the installation and sanding of parquetry floors and our family name and history stands behind every floor we install.  We use quality timbers and market leading equipment to ensure our clients are getting the best result possible.”

“Here at Kirton Fine Parquetry, we install and sand our floors completely in-house to ensure the highest level of quality control.”

Ivan is an exacting person and sets the highest standards of craftmanship, he has a down to earth personality and you will find him and his staff easy to work with.

Our Reputation

We have won various awards for our work in the wood flooring industry and are a member of of the Australian Timber Flooring Association so you can rest assured your floor is in good hands.

The quality, dedication and integrity we personally build into every one of our parquetry floors is reflected in the many personal testimonials we receive from our satisfied customers.

To arrange a consultation for your requirements, call Ivan Kirton on 0449 022 373.

Please send an email to ivan@fineparquetry.com.au

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