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Kirton Fine Timber Floorboards Sydney are experts in all types of timber flooring. Kirton Fine Timber Floorboards Sydney are advocates of sustainable use of wood in construction.

In our business, the laying and finishing of timber floors is a family tradition. For all your timber flooring Sydney, Kirton Fine Timber Floorboards Sydney are well known for outstanding Timber Flooring in the industry.

Kirton Timber Floorboards Sydney lead the industry in the installation and sanding of parquetry flooring, and we proudly stand by our work by guaranteeing every floor we install. Kirton Timber Floorboards Sydney use only the highest quality timbers in our parquetry flooring, and world-class equipment for installations to ensure our clients are getting the best for their investments.

At Kirton Fine Timber Floorboards Sydney, we lay and sand our floors completely in-house, thus having quality control of the whole process.

Being industry leaders, Kirton Fine Timber Floorboards Sydney consistently achieve excellent standards of workmanship. Our clients are pleased with our professional approach and our thorough understanding of the job requirement is a key to our success. Kirton Fine Timber Floorboards Sydney have built our business on our ability to meet the high standards required in parquetry flooring.



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