What a Parquetry Floor Can Do For Your Home

A parquetry timber floor can bring style, uniqueness and character to a home. Stunning designs created within a parquetry floor are eye-catching, and visually pleasing. They create a light mood and atmosphere, and will significantly increase the value of any home or office. 

Parquetry has that same high-quality feel and look to it that an antique piece of furniture has or an old musical instrument that gets handed down from generation to generation. Parquetry has the advantage of being able to eloquently combine shape and style with the alluring beauty and colour of real wood; something no other flooring can do.

What is Parquetry?

Parquetry flooring is a pre-cut rectangular block of wood that comes in a range of sizes, most commonly 260ml length by 65ml width by 19ml depth.

  • Parquetry floors - the single most sustainable and environmentally responsible product in wood flooring.
  • We offer a range of recycled parquetry designs, made by cutting parquetry blocks out of old disused floorboards, which are completely unique and have a wonderful patina and aged look.
  • Designed to last decades and even centuries, block parquetry will simply outlast most other flooring types.
  • Parquetry is a solid block of wood, allowing refinishing to talk place many times.
  • It does not have a tongue and groove, like floorboards, so can be refinished many times in its service life.
  • Parquetry has the advantage of combining shape and style with the beauty and colour of wood.
  • The simplicity of parquetry is being able to adhere the product directly to a prepared substrate or sub-floor. This means the floor has the ability to last decades and even centuries.
  • Comes in numerous specie choices; including Australian hardwoods such as Jarrah, Blackbutt and Tallowwood.
  • A well laid parquetry floor will maintain its style and add value to your property.
  • A recent study in Americahas found wood floors make a house more desirable to own, and increase the re-sale value.
  • We use wood to make things of great value and beauty, such as musical instruments, furniture and fine wood floors.
  • Having been around for more than 300 years means that parquetry floors are a proven success.
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